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News, oral and written evidence for the APPG Inquiry into the Use of Armed Drones: Working with partners


Launch of APPG Inquiry Report, ‘The UK’s use of Armed Drones: Working with Partners’

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drones has now completed its independent, two year Inquiry, ‘The UK’s use of armed drones: Working with partners’. The Inquiry was chaired and led by Professor Michael Clarke, former Director...


APPG on Drones Inquiry Update

During the 2017 Autumn Parliamentary term, the APPG has held three evidence sessions, bringing to a close the gathering of evidence for its Inquiry. These sessions addressed the UK’s shifting security and defence alliances,...


Written Evidence

All written submissions received in the course of the APPG Inquiry will be published on this page. (Updated) Reprieve – 5 December 2017 (Updated) Remote Control Project – 5 December 2017 Max Brookman-Byrne –...