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Joint APPG statement on BBC Panorama allegations of UK Special Forces abuses in Afghanistan


15th July, 2022

Officers from the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Drones and Modern Conflict, and on Human Rights (PHRG) released a statement reflecting cross-party concerns following the release by BBC Panorama of its follow up investigation into allegations of UK Special Forces abuses in Afghanistan. The joint statement calls for the Government and Secretary of State for Defence to heed calls for an independent inquiry, to provide meaningful oversight of UK Special Forces, and to reform the military’s flawed investigation process.


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APPG on Drones and Modern Conflict statement on submitted evidence to Defence Committee Inquiry 


1st May, 2020

The APPG on Drones and Modern Conflict released a statement outlining its submitted evidence to the Defence Committee Inquiry into the Integrated Security, Defence and Foreign Policy Review. Drawing upon its two-year expert-led inquiry, the Group’s submission underlined the necessity for the Integrated Review to be truly holistic, focussing on the areas of timing, scope, effectiveness, and broad participation.


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APPG on Drones Statement on 2018 US Civilian Casualty Study


14th February, 2019

Building on the recommendations of its cross-party report, ‘The UK’s Use of Armed Drones: Working with Partners,’ the APPG on Drones issued a statement in response to the Pentagon’s undertaking of a major examination of civilian deaths in military operations. The statement re-emphasized the importance of mitigating civilian harm for the sake of upholding British values and principles, as well as restating the strategic benefits of civilian protection. Though the UK Ministry of Defence has repeatedly said it does ‘everything possible’ to prevent civilian casualties, the APPG statement affirms that more can be done.  


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APPG on Drones release Statement on UK Assistance to Partners following Ground-Breaking German Court Ruling


10th April, 2019

Following a German Court ruling that part of US drone strikes in Yemen were “not compatible with international law” and that Germany must “do more” to prevent its territory from being used in unlawful strikes, the APPG on Drones released a statement urging the UK Government to re-evaluate its assistance to allies. 


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APPG on Drones release Statement on UK Assistance to Partners, following UK Court Ruling Arms Exports to Saudi Arabia Unlawful


18th July, 2019

Following a landmark judgment in which the Court of Appeal in London ruled that UK arms exports to Saudi Arabia are unlawful, the APPG on Drones released a statement, building on the recommendations in their cross-party report, ‘The UK’s Use of Armed Drones: Working with Partners’. The statement urged the Government to take up the position of a global leader, and for the forthcoming UK Civilian Protection strategy to mark the beginning of a dedicated process to institutionalize civilian protection as a cross-departmental and top-line priority for both UK operations and partner assistance.


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APPG on Drones writes letter to the Prime Minister following ‘secret RAF drone strikes’ and ‘Kill List’ reports


23rd February, 2017

Following reports that ‘secret RAF drone strikes’ have been ‘working their way through’ a ‘Kill List’ of UK citizens in Syria and Iraq, APPG Chairs and Members wrote to the Prime Minister, urging her to make a statement to Parliament setting out details of any ‘kill list’ targeting, and to release the ISC’s report into the Khan drone strike as soon as possible.


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APPG on Drones write to UNHRC expert panel to push for application of International Law to armed drones 


26th September, 2014

The APPG Chair joined forces with two former UN Ambassadors Lord Hannay and Sir Jeremy Greenstock, Admiral Lord West, and APPG Officers to highlight the importance of Resolution 25/22 for regulating lethal force as the frontiers of trans-national counter-terror operations expand.


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APPG on Drones asks Foreign Secretary to consider disclosure of guidelines covering shared intelligence for US ‘kill list’


19th November, 2014

APPG Chair and Vice-Chairs joined forces with Professor Sir David Omand and Professor Michael Clark in asking the Foreign Secretary to consider disclosing the guidelines used by the UK concerning when it may and may not share intelligence to help locate individuals on the US ‘kill list’. 


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